My love of true crime began as a child, when I first started to read the A-Z Mystery Series by Ron Roy. I loved the feeling of losing myself in a mystery and trying to figure out the answer before the end of the story. I graduated from these children’s novels to Agatha Christie, Ian Rankin and Colin Dexter. As a teenager, I began consuming true crime documentaries and became completely engrossed by the psychology of crime and why people did horrible things to one another. I loved watching Law & Order: SUV, Criminal Minds, CSI and Dexter and trying to guess who the guilty party was before the hour was up.

Now I’m a journalist, social services worker, artist, activist and student at Trent University. I love telling stories and listening to them! I believe that journalism (and art!) can change the world. I see my work as a way to follow through on my deeply held beliefs about community and social change, whether it be through writing, radio or artistry.

I found the cast of the Otonabee River Man while working overnight and browsing the Peterborough Police Service’s website. When I found what I needed, I ended up browsing the cold cases and I was immediately fascinated by this bizarre case. I was shocked by how little publicity the case had gotten in town and how so many people seemed unaware of it. Obviously, the first thing I did was call up Zara… and the rest is history!

Journalistic Inspirations: Amy Goodman, Robyn Doolittle, Gillian Findlay, Arshy Mann, Shaun King

Favorite Podcasts: Serial, Criminal, Invisibilia, The Lock Down, This American Life

Social: Arthur Contributions (Trent University), Linkedin, Website, Instagram