Grave Wax

What is Grave Wax, and who is the Otonabee River Man? Find out as we explore the thirty year old cold case about a decapitated head found in a river in the quiet, sleepy town known as Peterborough, Ontario. Listen to episode one: a trailer for All That Remains, a podcast by Zoe Easton and Zara Syed where we investigate unsolved mysteries. We interview a retired detective originally in charge of the investigation in 1988, Jeff Morgan, as well as Staff Sargent John Lyons, and crime reporter Todd Vandonk.

Can You Identify Me?

  All That Remains is a serial storytelling podcast that explores the strange and unsolved case of The Otonabee River Man. The Otonabee River Man Found on July 10, 1988 Decapitated head found in the Otonabee River near Lock & McKellar street Found 130 meters from the shore Determined that it could not have been […]