Can You Identify Me?

Can You Identify Me?


All That Remains is a serial storytelling podcast that explores the strange and unsolved case of The Otonabee River Man.

The Otonabee River Man

  • Found on July 10, 1988
  • Decapitated head found in the Otonabee River near Lock & McKellar street
  • Found 130 meters from the shore
  • Determined that it could not have been accidental – it was a deliberate decapitation
  • Estimated to be 40-74 at time of death
  • Bald or Partially bald at the time of death
  • Dark haired
  • Missing several molars before death
  • Staining suggested he was a smoker
  • Signs of arthritis in the jaw – likely causing him daily pain

The Otonabee River Man has not been identified in the 30 years since his head was discovered. There were no missing people in the county of Peterborough matching his description, leading Police to speculate that he may have been brought to Peterborough from elsewhere. Forensic investigators were unable to pinpoint how long the head was in the river for and they eventually said it may have been anywhere from a few weeks to fifty years. Through DNA elimination, 372 missing people have been eliminated.

To this day, no one has come forward to identify the missing man or his killer.


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