About Us

All That Remains is the brainchild of Zoe Easton and Zara Syed. We began our work over a hot pot of tea at The Only Cafe in Peterborough, Ontario on Thursday October 4, 2018. Since that first meeting, things have only blossomed. Neither of us are investigators, criminologists or even crime reporters by training. We’re storytellers and writers above all else. We both bring unique experience and vision to this project but what we share is a passion for journalism and true crime.

All That Remains is a serial storytelling podcast. We are not approaching this podcast with the belief that we’ll be able to solve a cold case or free anyone from prison, the way other serial podcasts have done. We’re interested in looking at cold cases and unsolved mysteries and dealing with all that remains; the clues, suspects, evidence, theories, suspicions and stories that haunt a community after a crime goes unsolved. Every crime involves a human element and that humanity can be connected to larger societal issues like poverty, racism and the social determinants for crime and vulnerability. Our goal is to look at each story holistically and examine, not only the case, but each element surrounding it.